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Holy Cow Pies Batman! I had a wonderful time in Austin. Got me some sun, some fun and a whole lot of new respect for my fellow bloggers.

I met some fine people - though I don't have the time to do them justice just yet.

I missed the bats . . .

I ate some meat. Good meat.

The fine state of Texas welcomed me with open arms! I am so glad I made it down.

Oh, and to top off my absolutely delightful weekend - I stalked Hines Ward at the airport. Yep, my favorite footballer was on my plane and he and I talked for about twenty minutes about his new foundation for bi-racial kids in Korea. He was everybit a peach and has the purtiest smile I ever saw!

I have a post about the other people on my plane that I shall be setting up soon! Fine young men and women who I had the pleasure to converse with.

For now, it is back to the grind. I shall regale you with tales of Texas soon. For now, must act like I'm working - whilst slipping into a coma under my desk . . .

Celebrity Sightings!

I saw this at Sadie's and was intrigued! There is a tool where you can scan your photos to see which facial features you share with celebrities. It is the My Heritage face recognition analyzer, and it's free.

So, I scanned myself, my son and my husband (the fireman). I was hard cause i don't have any good pics of myself. So, I used a bad lawschool grad pic and I got 54% Zsa Zsa Gabor (the early years); 48% Gretchen Wilson; 45% Teri Hatcher and a few male asians - Interesting to say the least.

I did my baby who got these whoppers!

60% Keanu Reeves

49% Leslie Cheung (the asian in him)

52% Andy Roddick (yummy)

50% Josh Hartnett (yummy again!)

My husband - the fireman - has a really big nose, which accounts for some of the men on his list, but let me tell you, he's a looker!

72% Vin Diesel . . . (Oh my Heavens!)

61% Al Pacino

59% Richard Gere

55% Mickey Rourke

50% Jim Morrison

50% Ben Affleck

and this is weird . . . 62% John Cleese . . .Must be the nose and the long facial features . . .

Who do you resemble? Oh, am I a lucky girl or what?