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Meme'd By A Tiger?

I must not be entertaining enough to Blue Tige as he has created, yes, I said created, a meme which he expects me to complete!

Well, the directions were simple enough, and I'll do as asked, however, Mr. Tige didn't even answer his own questions so he'll be the first I tag! After that Contagion cause I haven't done enough to annoy him today and Caltechgirl cause no one ever meme's her! There, I have tagged my three, now on to my answers. . .

1) Two favorite colors. Purple and Green

2) Two least favorite colors. Yellow and Pink

3) Favorite fast food restaurant. Arby's (and Taco Bell)

4) Favorite day of the week. Saturday

5) Least favorite day of the week. Any day but Saturday and Sunday

6) Best thing about your significant other. His cooking

7) Least favorite thing about your significant other. He chews snuff

8) Your significant others favorite thing about you (without asking them). Everything, I'm perfect wink, wink

9) Your significant others least favorite thing about you (again, without asking them). That I always have to be right?

10) Black or white? Blue

11) Red or blue? red

12) Day or night? Night

13) Favorite part of your body. My hair

14) Least favorite part about your body. My legs

15) Do you like walking in the rain at times? Yes, as long as it's a summer rain

16) Do you have a tattoo? Not telling . . .

17) "Short and sweet" or "long and hard". I only like my donuts short and sweet. . .

18) Favorite kind of car. I like trucks

19) Favorite kind of ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip or Homemade Banana

20) Trix or Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms but my son would call them "Chucky Larms," as in "stop eating my Chucky Larms Momma!"

Now, that I have completed this pointless exercise . . . what's next?