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Another fine friend

I had dinner last night with the beautiful Trouble. She was here in da 'Burgh on business.

Let me tell you! There is nothing nicer than meeting a fine blogger on a chilly day for some good food and wine!

We had a very good time chatting over dinner and teasing a trio of college boys, and while we needed to cut it a bit short - we have a standing appointment for dinner the next time she is in town.

I'm stepping out of my shy little wall-flower box these days and meeting new people and it is really fun!

Well, now back to the grind that is my daily life.

I can hardly wait!

Yep! On Friday I'm heading down to hook up with Bloggers from hither and yon for the Austin "Blown-Eyed Blodgers" blogmeet.

I've a list of things to do before I go:

1.) Pedicure;

2.) Lose 50 pounds stat;

3.) Eat lots of bread to soak up any liquor consumed during the weekend;

4.) pack!

Ok, look, I do have a dilemma. I'm fat. It is hot in Texas. Very hot. That requires minimalist clothing. Hence the dilemma. I'm fat.

No one, but no one, needs to see my fat white, tannless legs, nor my rolls of arm-fat, nor my fat thighs. Seriously! I'll look like a sweaty-out-of-place whale. "Fat-Bottom Girls" was actually written for me. Sorry, I don't paint a pretty picture. Alas, I know I must bust out the minimalist clothing I loathe. Ack!

But on the brighter side, I get to meet loads of fun peeps, converse with my dear friends and have a jolly-time overall. Whoo Hoo! (Rich, I'm rubbing it in just for you! snicker)

There is still time to jump on the bus so to speak. For those heading to Austin, I'll see ya there fat bottom and all!