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One more confession

In addition to all my other "issues" I forgot to mention that I am allergic to alcohol.

Now, this doesn't stop me from drinking, it just makes for some interesting conversations. See, I get instantly red (think sunburn red) and blotchy all over after two sips. After two drinks my eyes start watering and itching, and I look full-on drunk. Cept I'm not.

Sometimes I get sick if I've had too much, more like respiratory issues and stomach cramps but it's hit or miss.

Here is the dilemma. I'm going to Austin to imbibe. But, with the heat being what it is in Texas, and the fact that I already suffer this dilemma, I probably won't imbibe much if at all.

See the problem worsens with heat. But, oh, who am I kidding . . .

So, see ya'll in Austin, I'll be the fat chick with the pseudo sunburn and the glassy eyes.

Body Count

ome reflections on my weekend:

What do you get when you are forced to work more than 14 plus hours a day for a week? A very tired lawyer who ran three red lights on the way to work and nearly killed herself.

What do you get when a running chainsaw makes contact with the face and neck of a deaf six year old? 200 much-needed stiches.

What do you get when a broken swing set meets the tender head of a two year old? 7 staples.

What do you get when a three year old's newest bestest friend gets on a plane for Japan? A very depressed baby boy.

Three absolute casualties, one near death experience . . . How was your weekend?